Softspikes®, the first and foremost name in golf cleat technology and innovation, were invented in 1993 when a winter metal spike “ban” campaign was endorsed by several U.S. State Golf Associations. Wanting to offer golfers an alternative to tennis shoes, Softspikes® co-founder Faris McMullin experimented with various “plug” designs to replace metal spikes. The eventual design, a plastic, fan-like spiral design, became the industry’s first and only patented non-metal cleat. Little did he know at the time that this design would revolutionise the golf industry and change the game forever.

Spikeless shoes just cannot compare to shoes with removable cleat technology when it comes to traction and stability through your swing.

The most innovative and compatible insert system on the market ensures superior cleat retention – assuring cleats remain in shoe under the toughest of conditions.

Stay on top of your game and be prepared for your next outing with our premium selection of cleat wrenches, brushes, push tools and more.


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