New Balance

new balance


New Balance’s story began in 1906. It’s tempting to lean into a century of history and archive material. Instead, they find it helpful to remember that they are a brand with heritage, not a heritage brand. At the same time, they are standing on the shoulders of giants. This brand is theirs to care for, not to reinvent. At their best, they take confidence from the place that they have earned in a constantly-evolving world of global sport and culture.

New Balance has four pillars they stand for:

  1. Craftsmanship is a pursuit, not an end state.
  2. Participate in — rather than report on — the dialogue between sport and culture. 
  3. Find the together in sport

We are a proud partner of New Balance Golf and offer a wide range of different types of golf shoes available for the European market. With different technologies in the soles of the shoes and the golf fitting guide, New Balance have footwear that fits a wide range of foot types, shapes and sizes.

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