FASTFOLD is the world’s fastest growing trolley and golf bag brand. This high end brand is developed for golfers all over the world. Fastfold finds its origin in the Netherlands and this is where product development takes place.

PASSION: All of our products are developed in the Netherlands with the help of golfer know-how and expertise.

FUN: With a purchase of Fastfold you complete your golf party.


Fastfold has a standard collection which renews each year. If our customers have special requests we can always personalize our golftrolleys, golfbags, travelbags and accessories to your requirements. Our bags collection consist of a large range of colour and quality choices. Not afraid a little bit of rain? We have many ULTRA DRY bags which are completely waterproof, but we also have RAIN DRY bags which are water repellent. The right bag for every weather condition.


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